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The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana
Women's & Children's Hospital

Wound Care

Hyperbaric ChamberSometimes the healing process needs a boost. Thanks to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), patients with tough wounds and other conditions can heal better and faster at The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana. HBOT dramatically increases the amount of oxygen entering a patient’s bloodstream, aiding the healing process.

The therapy can be critically important for the leg or foot wounds of diabetics, as well as for gas gangrene, radiation tissue damage, compromised skin grafts  and flaps, crush injuries, anaerobic infections, cyanide poisoning and other problems.

Treatment Summary

During this painless treatment, you will rest on a comfortable bed in a roomy pressurized chamber breathing pure oxygen. You can relax, sleep, watch television, or listen to music during the sessions, which generally last two hours. Patients of all ages tolerate the treatments very well. Our HBOT-trained physician and technicians are there at all times to monitor each treatment session.

For more information call (337) 406-4198