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The Murmur Clinic is located on the campus of The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana and is part of our Heart Institute. The Clinic provides comprehensive care for patients with murmurs and heart valve disease including aortic stenosis and mitral valve regurgitation.

Patients at the Murmur Clinic benefit from a multidisciplinary team of physicians and support staff affiliated with the program including cardiovascular surgeons, cardiologists, RNs and diagnostic imaging specialists that collaborate to ensure patients at the clinic receive comprehensive care.

Do I need to be seen in the Murmur Clinic?

Patients that meet one or more of the conditions below may benefit from an evaluation at the Murmur Clinic at The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana.

  • Anyone with a family history of heart murmurs or heart disease
  • Anyone diagnosed with a heart murmur by a physician
  • Anyone experiencing symptoms including shortness of breath when active or feeling faint or dizzy or weakness when active and/ or heart palpitations

To schedule an appointment:
Call 1-855-2-MURMUR