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Become a Volunteer

Helping In So Many Ways

At The The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana, our volunteers are true stars exceptional individuals who take the extra steps that make a difference in another person's life. They donate their time and energy and help improve the lives of our patients, their families and visitors. Our volunteers include working adults, senior citizens, homemakers and people from many different walks of life who wish to contribute their unique talents, gifts and compassion.

They help in countless ways by making a child giggle or an older person smile. They deliver patient mail, books or magazines to hospitalized patients and to families. They comfort families who are worried about loved ones. They know that being at a hospital as a patient or a family member can be a very stressful time in that person's life. Through deeds both large and small, our volunteers help patients and their families feel better during those difficult times.

Our volunteers are committed to delivering world class care with a heart to patients and their families who entrust their health to The The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana. So be on the look out for the kind folks in the blue uniforms. They're here to help.

The following are a few examples of our volunteer program opportunities:

  • Information Desk
    The volunteers greet and provide invaluable assistance to family members and visitors by providing directions to various hospital departments and floors and patients' room numbers.
  • Surgery and ICU Waiting Areas
    Families waiting for news of a loved one's surgery are often anxious. Volunteers in the Surgery Waiting Area help soothe tattered nerves and provide assistance to patients' families.
  • Emergency Department
    Volunteers serve as a liaison between families and ER staff. They also assist with communication between persons waiting for non-emergent medical assistance who may not understand why the wait time in the ER may be longer than expected due to increased ambulance traffic or unexpected codes (code blue). Families waiting on news of a loved one who was brought in by ambulance are nervous and concerned and need assistance. Additionally, volunteers assist with transporting patients and serve as a "runner" to labs, radiology and the Blood Bank.
  • Nursing Floors
    Volunteers are responsible for delivering daily newspapers to the administration office, physicians lounge and waiting areas. They also assist with pharmacy deliveries, patient meal tray deliveries and discharging patients.
  • Office Support
    Volunteers provide office support such as copying and picking up and delivering files and packages between hospital departments.
  • Mail Delivery and Book Cart
    Come rain or shine, mail and email gets delivered to hospitalized patients, thanks to dependable volunteers. They also deliver books and magazines to family waiting areas.

Join Our Team

First Steps: Volunteer candidates must complete an application and interview.

Age: Volunteer applicants must be 25 years of age or older.

Time Commitment: Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of six months of the year and four hours per week. Volunteers are not permitted to work more than seven hours a day or 28 hours in a week. All volunteers are required to keep track of their hours on duty by signing in and out on their timesheet.

Dress: Volunteers must wear the volunteer uniform, comfortable, rubber sole shoes and nametag while on duty.

Hospital Orientation: All potential volunteers are required to attend an orientation that covers infection control, safety, hospital policy and procedures and HIPAA rules. The orientation sessions are usually held every other Tuesday, lasting from 7:30am - 11:00am. In addition, each volunteer must pass a health-screening test for tuberculosis. In order to continue volunteer service, each volunteer must attend the orientation annually as a refresher and in the event of changes in specific issues. 

Volunteer Orientation: Orientation to Volunteer Services is arranged on an individual basis and takes approximately two hours. New volunteers are required to "shadow" another volunteer for two days.

Benefits of Volunteering

Most volunteers say that the personal fulfillment which comes from helping another person is their greatest reward. Other volunteers look forward to the new friendships and camaraderie they share with fellow volunteers. Still other enjoy learning new skills.

In appreciation of the work and time our volunteers contribute, The The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana offers benefits to volunteers, including:

  • Free annual flu shot
  • One free meal (breakfast or lunch) per day during service hours
  • Annual Volunteer day trip to celebrate National Volunteer Week
  • Annual Christmas luncheon

Specific Opportunities

Surgery/ICU Waiting Area
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 11:00pm or 11:00pm - 2:00pm or 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Information Desk
Tuesday mornings
8:00am - 11:00pm or 11:00pm - 2:00pm
Friday afternoons
11:00pm - 2:00pm or 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Do It Today

Please download and complete the volunteer application form and email, mail or fax to (337) 989-6755. Upon review, someone from the volunteer department will contact you to set up an interview.

Note: Volunteers do not take the place of salaried staff. Volunteer service is not intended in any way to lead to paid employment. Volunteers are not eligible for workers compensation.