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Regional Medical Center of Acadiana FIRST to introduce life saving cooling system

The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana recently introduced the Arctic Sun 5000 Advantage System for maintaining core patient temperature. The technology is being used on patients in Regional’s Emergency Department to quickly reduce body temperature.

“The Arctic Sun 5000 is another step toward improving the quality patient care provided to cardiac patients at The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana,” said Dr. Kevin Karam, Emergency Department Medical Director.

The key to the success of this system is the pads that are placed on the patient. These pads have a thin hydrogel coating that ensures they maintain contact with the skin throughout the treatment. The conductive property of the pads mimics water immersion. This technology is being used on Complete Cardiac Arrest patients in the Emergency Department but also can be used on patients in Regional’s Cath Lab and in the ICU.

According to Meg Bryant, RN, Director of Emergency Services at Regional, “This sophisticated system is very user-friendly and a safe protocol if the patient needs an MRI, CT scan, defibrillation or Cath Lab procedures. Unlike other systems currently being used in our market, this system is much more efficient and allows the nurses to gain immediate, full access to the patient’s groin and chest. Treatment is automated.”

Regional Medical Center is the first facility in Acadiana to implement the Arctic Sun System.